Like clockwork, once a month Heather Hambrecht makes the trek down from Milwaukee to deliver a batch of hand stitched reclaimed leather accessories. One of a kinds that they are, each wristlet sticks around for just a week or so.

This time, I’ve tripled my order in the hopes of having some inventory. I’ve got a few luxe handbags to share too. Yay!

Hands down favorites that remain are the Mahogany Yoke Sack, and the Motorcycle Black wristlet. I must say, though, I’m partial to the lime and orange wristlets. A girl’s gotta have some colorful pop to go with that party dress….

Party you say? Come on over all day on Saturday, October 23rd from 11 to 6. Ms. Heather and her wrapped statuesque self will be here in the flesh with a carful of goodies to share. Truly, she embodies the funky grace of her work. Her spirit, alone, is well worth the visit.